Frequently Asked Questions

This section is intended to answer common questions related to WA Tweaker. If you're unable to find an answer to your question, you can write a comment in the box at the end of the page or send an email here.

Why did you change the name of WA Tweaks in WA Tweaker?

WA Tweaker was first known as WA Tweaks. I decided to change the name to counter the actions of an user who has decided, without my authorization, to create a .com website and start to make money with the advertising on the site using my work and the fame of WA Tweaks.
This very bad person has explicitly said, several times, that he would not give me the domain because he want to continue to earn with advertising so I had to take this decision even if I like the old name much more.

If you want more information you can read here and here.

Which root manager should I use?

You can use the root manager you prefer, WA Tweaker works with everyone but I recommend using Magisk created by topjohnwu.
In future releases WA Tweaker may be more compatible with this root manager.

⚠️ Pay attention to where you download the files. There is a FAKE site called magiskmanager[.]com, DO NOT OPEN IT absolutely! The pages that I've linked on this page for download the files are safe ⚠️

My phone is not rooted, can I use this app?
Without root permissions you cannot use most of the functions available in the app, but there are somethings that you can do
  • Fetch informations about the WhatsApp backup on Google Drive
  • WhatsApp cleaner
  • Inject PSA chat*
  • Extract installed WhatsApp APK
  • Extract and save friends Statuses
*Without root you can ONLY see the PSA chat, to do it perform a long click on the button.
Must I have Xposed Framework to use the application?

The main purpose of the app is to activate hidden functions within WhatsApp, to do this you do not need the Xposed Framework. WA Tweaker, however, offers many other functions, such as client customization or tweaks for privacy management that necessarily require the Xposed Framework.

Can I remove downloaded updates APK without using an external file manager?

Sure! WA Tweaker has an integrated option to delete the downloaded APK updates files, go to Information section and do a long click on "Check for updates".

I need an old version, where can I download it?

It is not recommended to install an old version but if you need it for some reason you can download the APK file from the following OFFICIAL mirrors:

Alternatively, you can access one of these sites directly within the app by going to the information section and doing a long click on "Version".

What does it mean "hidden feature"?

The "hidden features" are features that WhatsApp has already added into the beta release but are disabled by default, and generally it is necessary to wait for the server side activation.

I have installed the Xposed Framework APK but the tweaks doesn't work, why?

It is not enough to install only the Xposed Framework APK, you must necessarily flash the Xposed Framework zip through a Custom Recovery.
If you need more information or support, you can consult this Thread on XDA.

What information do you get?

I collect some anonymous data about the application's use, for example:

  • How many users use the app
  • The time spent using the application
  • Phone model
  • Android version
All informations are provided by Google Firebase. If you want you can read their privacy policies here.

Where I can ask for support?

If you need help you can:

There is also a Thread on XDA forum but I check it only once a month (generally at the end of the month), so, if you need an immediate reply please use an alternative way to contact me! I always reply to everyone 😉

Where can I download WA Tweaker for iOS?

WA Tweaker is not available for iOS and probably will never be.
If you are looking for something to customize WhatsApp and privacy tweaks you can install Watusi 2 created by Fouad Raheb.
You must have a jailbroken device in order to install Watusi 2!

Where can I download WA Tweaker for Windows Phone?

WA Tweaker is not available for Windows Phone at the moment, maybe in the future.

Can I use WA Tweaks and WA Tweaker at the same time?

No, you can't. You must uninstall WA Tweaks before to use WA Tweaker!

Why Play Protect says that the app can damage the phone?

Starting from the version 1.2.5 WA Tweaker sets SELinux to Permissive on Android Pie otherwhise the WhatsApp are resetted immediately. This behaviour triggers the Play Protect alert, don't worry WA Tweaker is safe 😄 you can ask to WABetaInfo to confirm it 😉 Anyway nothing is done secretly, if the app is launched on Android Pie a warning that asks for the modification of SELinux policy is shown to users and the request can be also declined, of course.

Why the patch for the stable version is not available?

The patch for the stable version is not released immediately but after a week. I suggest you to use the BETA version, the patch for it is released everyday!